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Mobile App development is a process of creating a software application for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. It involves a series of steps starting from designing, app development, cloud database to testing on multiple devices.

At SARAS we create innovative technology that helps enhance human efficiency and mobility. Our core offerings include implementing modern innovative technologies to transform your business. Each of our solution are well integrated with SARAS erp solutions and use it as a primary backend.

We help you bring your ideas to the ground, and our experienced and dedicated team will make sure that you get the best and timely delivery.

Exclusive Features

Global Reach
Responsive Design
user friendly
User Friendly
user friendly
Mailer Engine
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Free Updates
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iOS App Development

We deliver prominent hassle-free, innovative and cutting edge, IOS phone and IPAD app development services. Our diligent and hardworking team has developed apps that work exceptionally on all devices. We aim to deliver robust and reactive apps to our clients. We ensure that your apps utilizes the full capacity of IOS.

iPhone / iPad App
Native App
React App
Xamarin App
Stress Testing
Customised to your need

Android App Development

We ensure intuitive web app design and development services. Our team builds a solution around specific requirements , budgets, and timelines of the clients. We have proven abilities in examining business challenges, understanding the client's ambitions and delivering compelling android solutions with clear value.

Supports v5.0 to latest Android os
Native App
React App
Xamarin App
Stress Testing
Customised to your need

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