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We provide high end, scalable enterprise solutions that are customized for your requirements


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Integrated and paperless solution for all departments.


Integration Solutions

Integrate with: Sensors, Webservices, API, Databases


Customized Software

Identify, develop and implement the options that make a difference to your bottom line.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our ERP solution is Simple yet Powerful. It is specially crafted and moulded to fit any manufacturing industry that is Made-to-Order or Made-to-Design or Hybrid.

Code named: SARAS, it will take care of your departments planning, documentation and reporting needs from Top to Bottom, keeping the person incharge integrated and well-informed of the important information with its state-of-the-art communication architecture.

Planning System’s superior design will ensure business opportunities are timely met, by controlling the inventory, purchasing and delivery processes.

At the same time its powerful reports will give the management necessary tools required for analysis and important decision making.

Built on SARAS principles of Speed, Accuracy, Reports, Adapt, and Simple, SARAS ERP is India’s first fully developed ERP solution catering to manufacturing industries of all levels - be it multi-national / multi-locational enterprises or SME’s having single units.


With SARAS ERP achieve the following:

  Integrated and almost paperless solutions for all departments within the factory
  Powerful reporting of Management Information System (MIS)
  Covers your requirements from planning to delivery to sales to tracking
  Online approvals and customizable workflows
  Centralized database
  Based on SARAS principles of (Speed, Accuracy, Reports, Adapt, Simple).


Integration Solutions

With so many systems in place, the need for them to communicate with each other and exchange data was never more important than today. We develop Integration Solutions that will fulfill your requirement, so you can focus on your core activity instead of investing in cumbersome data entry projects.

We specialize in providing integration solution with:


With our integration solution achieving the following:

Avoid manual & redundant entries, avoid data errors

  • Same data is often required in 2 or more system and multiple entries by human can lead to errors and inefficiencies in dependent processes.
  • Manual entry in more than 1 system usually result in data errors, result in erroneous reporting.
  • Our integration solution can help you eliminate the need of redundant data entries and hence elinimate mistakes, and also reduce man power requirement.
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Enable consolidated reporting

  • With so many system comes as many databases, and to generate timely report that can aid to timely decisions is very important.
  • Our consolidated reporting solution can automate that process and get more done with less.
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Enable real time processing of the transactions

  • Action in one system often requires a trigger to be sent to one or more systems.
  • Our device and sensor level integrations can automate your factory processes.
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Want to develop a customized solution instead?

We strictly employ quality standards that are at par. Each solution undergoes quality testing and is accompanied with complete set of design documents and usage manuals.

Send us your requirement and our team will assist you to identify, develop and implement the best option.




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