Tips and Tricks to save iPhone's battery life

We all have come across this many times in this modern era where we feel disconnected, disoriented and lost without a mobile phone !

Just stay there for 5 more minutes....let me finish this call.....let me reach my destination....let me send this video to my friends....there are many like me that use phone heavily, be it 3G or GPS and wish to have just the little more juice on their iPhone's battery till they reach their destination.

I went on this long trip a little while ago and my need to keep the phone alive for entire 24 hours was never more urgent. Need is the mother of all Invention. Well there was nothing to invent here but yes a discovery was needed - since iPhone keeps it so secretive, that you got to understand it fully to figure it out and many of us do not have time and patience to do so. 

Below tricks are simple to implement in iPhone and they will increase your chances of having the extra life line for your phone - when it matters the most.

The top 3 consumer of your battery are as follows, and we will see how we can play around these settings as per our needs to conserve battery - especially when you are traveling and may not get charging point for another 24 hours.

  1. Location service
  2. Cellular data connection
  3. Radio (Telephone) Signal - especially when you are in low connectivity zone

How to tweak the settings when you are on that adventure trip

First - some basics

a. Check your iPhone's Location Settings and disable it for the apps that you think do not need to know your locations. Repeat the same process for Cellular data settings, not all app requires to be enabled when you are on Cellular data mode.

b. You may not need highest level of speed all the time, In Asia 4G provides 50+ mbps speed while 3G will get you 10 mbps and 2G will get you 512 kbps. The exact speed here doesn't matter - the point here is the higher the speed the faster you are draining the battery. Lower it down if all you want is whatsapp connection for emergency conversations while traveling.


Lets talk more about location service

a. Switch off location service completely, unless you are using maps

b. Location service in combination with Cellular data will kill your battery in less than an hour. There is a way to work around this. When we are traveling at unknown places and want the routing facility, do as follows:

First if the location is pre-planned then it is always better to download an offline copy of the map. That alone will save you lot of battery.

Now once you are at the point when you are searching for a destination:

  • Get the directions on your map tools with your 4G and Location service on. 
  • As soon the direction service has started your phone doesn't need internet connection - keep it off
  • Your phone now only needs your location - and that it can get using just the location service.
  • Keep the screen off whenever not necessary - all the turns that you need to take will flash on the locked screen too.

This trick is worth every effort to go to the settings and switching off Cellular data, it will double your iPhone's battery during map mode.

c. Location service is a daemon and it requires more attention - Your iPhone is tracking your every move - yes - that is the default setting until you go to the Location settings - Scroll down and go to System Services. Once you reach this page in location settings you will know what i mean,  switch off all that is unnecessary and logical at that point in time while you are in the middle of nowhere. You will immediately notice a huge difference.


When to go offline

a. Most time when we are traveling to another country on a leisure trip and using the local card, we do not expect many calls from loved ones - and most time they are usually traveling with you. If you anticipate such a situation, it is waste of battery to keep the network under online mode. You may have that phobia of remaining connected at all time, but think again and you may not really need to do be online at all time and you may find it far more relaxing to just disconnect and enjoy the scenery. You can always go back online every 30 mins if you desire to check if you missed something important.

b. When reaching your destination is more important than anything else, keep your phone offline - your location service and which means your mapping application will still function as normal.

c. When the signal strength is low - like when you are in underground metro. Go offline for a short period.


It does seem like lot of effort, but if you are a traveler then it is good to know such tricks, we never know when we loose the energy in our power bank and hence loose the connectivity just when we need it most. And to summarize, it all boils down to following:

  1. Tweak settings to suit your need - especially of Location Service and Cellular data
  2. Go online / offline on network as your needs demand
  3. Keeping location service off except while using map app
  4. Avoid using Cellular data and Location service together


Happy Journey and Happy Adventure!!



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